Realise your potential through health data and insights

Laboratory analysis of biomarkers opens possibilities for realising your full potential as an individual, athlete, or company.

Biowatch offers health solutions based on in-depth, personal health metric analysis and sparring with professional health advisors. The solutions scale from individuals to entire enterprises and professional sports teams.

Optimise energy and performance at home and work.

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Insights improve the correlation between effort and results

Biowatch for preventing & handling stress

Each year, stress leads to immeasurable, unnecessary costs, affecting life quality and work life

Biowatch offers individual health measurements and advice focusing on destructive and constructive stress. The solutions are seamlessly scalable for companies and organisations of all sizes.

The core concept is knowledge-based prevention – before treatment or sick leave becomes necessary. For individuals and employees who are already managing stress in positive ways, it is about optimising energy and performance both at home and at work.

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“It’s important to us that all employees are resilient in the peak season.”

Carsten Vestermark / HR Director
InCommodities A/S

“Biowatch provides individual insights on our players. We get a unique insights to optimize the players based on their individual physical needs.”

Thomas Kjærbye / Physical coach
Lyngby Boldklub

Our mission is to enable every person to live their best life through knowledge and insight into their physical and mental state and potential

We provide detailed health data and advice on proactive initiatives and actions based on this information. Our solutions are a perfect match for, among others, health-focused workplaces, athletes, and sports teams.

For work

Biowatch provides individual health measurements and advice in a scalable format for companies and workplaces.

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Elite athletes have infinite opportunities to structure their training, diet, and lifestyle. Biowatch provides access to continual tests and analysis of biomarkers. This creates new insights and information about the individual athlete and opens opportunities for optimisation.

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Professional services

Biowatch’s platform is not just the foundation for proactive health tests. We also facilitate test and data collection for clinical research and trials. Everything is anonymous, safe, and efficient.

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