What could you achieve if all employees were full of energy – and free from stress?

When your top employee tells you that she was dancing around with her daughter for hours after coming home from a long day at the office, we have succeeded.

Our ambition is to enable and inspire you and your colleagues to work with physical and mental health in new ways. Via biomarker analysis and collaboration with physical and mental health experts, you will gain new, fact-based, personalised insights.

Our experienced health advisors are specialists in areas such as stress management and health optimisation. We help you develop and implement inspirational action plans for the individual employee. Protect and optimise energy levels – both at home and at work.

The core concept is knowledge-based prevention. Before sick leave and treatments become necessary. For employees who are already on the right track, it is about optimising energy, happiness and performance – both at home and at work.

We collaborate with professional, health-oriented organisations

An advantage for both the organisation and individual

For the employee

Become your best you – privately and professionally

  • Receive unique health advice based on objective insights.
  • Get knowledge that increases health initiative targeting.
  • Become more resistant to stress.
  • Get more energy throughout your day – privately and professionally.
  • Own your health data. Data is only presented aggregated and anonymised to your company.
For the employer

Energy and performance that impacts your bottom line

  • Understand your organisational readiness and health states based on anonymised data.
  • Form tailored plans to support employees in ways that have the biggest positive impacts.
  • Put proactive health and wellbeing – and action – on the agenda.