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Your body is a complete library of information and data that, when understood, can unlock health, growth, and unparalleled performance. Our advanced technology platform and expert guidance transform this data into actionable insights, empowering you to achieve your fullest potential with precision and efficiency.

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Elevate Your Health coaching business with OneHealth: Our platform optimizes client management by integrating data from blood and saliva tests, wearable devices, and surveys. Focus on impactful coaching as we facilitate easy access to comprehensive health tests and streamline task assignments. Create personalized action plans for your clients, while our advanced technology handles the details and delivers tailored health insights.

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Combining cutting-edge technology and comprehensive health data with the expertise of top coaches and specialists creates a powerful synergy. This fusion allows us to deliver personalized and precise interventions that address your unique needs. By leveraging detailed biomarker analysis and the insights of seasoned professionals, we ensure that every aspect of your health is optimized, fostering the best possible outcomes for your well-being and performance. This holistic approach not only enhances immediate results but also promotes long-term sustainability and resilience.

Experts from every corner of health
Our many year of experience has enabled us to assemble a team of the best specialist coaches there is! Through our many partnerships, we pair your needs with the right people and tests to ensure you reach you goals!
An entire lab at your fingertips
We integrate with five globally renowned labs known for their precision, providing you with reliable health data from blood and saliva samples. Our platform offers easy access to this vital information, helping you make informed decisions about your well-being. With our trusted lab integrations, you receive comprehensive and accurate health insights effortlessly.
Comprehensive Test Kits for Holistic Health
Our test kits analyze lipids, inflammation markers, minerals, vitamins, DNA, and DNA methylation. Packaged into meaningful kits, they help us and our network of practitioners achieve optimal outcomes efficiently. Focusing on prevention and well-being, these kits provide detailed health insights for tailored interventions and personalized care.


Age is
a choice

Epigenetic Precision for Enhanced Healthspan. Unleash the full potential of your health with our epigenetic testing, in partnership with UCLA. This cutting-edge approach goes beyond traditional DNA analysis by examining how your genes express over time, offering a dynamic strategy to extend your healthspan and prevent lifestyle diseases. Embrace a tailored path to vitality, with science that informs and transforms.
We've got your back - through life!


Proactive Stress Management for Workforce Well-being. Empower employees with our specialized stress assessment and recovery services. By combining subjective feedback and biomarker analysis, we prevent burnout and enhance well-being. Tailored interventions ensure a balanced and productive workforce, making high performance sustainable. Elevate your team's work-life balance!

Unlock the
last 1% with

Top Performance for Elite Athletes. Unlock the last 1% of your potential with our advanced biomarker analysis. Peakelite fine-tunes your performance while supporting upcoming athletes in mastering the basics. Achieve and sustain excellence with our tailored plans for professional athletes. Reach new heights in your athletic journey!

In the
Long run

Sustainable High Performance for Executives. Achieve lasting high performance with our individualized supplement plans. Precision dosing and biomarker-driven insights support continuous improvement and resilience. Designed for executives and high-pressure professionals, our solutions ensure peak productivity in demanding environments. Unlock your potential with precision!


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