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Biowatch offers action-oriented insights for employees, companies, athletes, and teams to help increase resilience, energy levels and realise your full potential.

Based on biomarker data, wearables, and lifestyle insights, Biowatch’s platform provides the best possible conditions for proactive optimisation.

We offer access to optimisation that includes partnerships with leading global health-technology companies.


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Test and process

All Biowatch tests combine samples, questionnaires, and follow-up advice and recommendations. Biomarker tests are always accompanied by follow-up evaluations and recommendations.

Blood markers

Health Check-up

Health Check-up is a thorough, in-depth health test that includes 17 biomarkers and 2 ratios. It provides insights into the body’s vital functions and energy production.


Stress & Performance

A unique test that combines subjective physiological stress measurements with objective measurements of mental stress.

Blood markers

Vitamin Check-up + Q10

Vitamin Check-up with Q10 is a targeted test to help optimise the cells’ energy production and your daily energy levels.

Maximize results and benefits with Biowatch High Performance Tribe

Our approach to high performance and mental and physical health is based on Biohacking.

Biohacking is the art and science of optimising performance, energy levels, and health through conscious physical and mental work with your internal and external environments and states.

More about Biowatch High Performance Tribe

Become the CEO of your life with Biowatch High Performance Tribe

  • You learn to optimise performance without risking burnout.
  • You become equipped to actively create your dream life with a healthy balance, be efficient today, tomorrow and in the years to come, have lots of energy personally and professionally, and be in control.
  • You get a toolbox of “biohacks” that can be used both in daily life and when you need that little bit extra – both physically and mentally.

A Biowatch process

Biowatch offers different models and rollouts of health tests and subsequent health recommendations and coaching for organisations, employees, and individuals. Below is an example describing some of the core activities of a Biowatch process.


For both smaller teams and large organisations, the process is initiated with a mutual alignment of expectations. Change comes from within. Internal organisational commitment and a sense of security among participants are crucial to optimal results. This applies to managers, employees, or athletes.

Health test

All Biowatch health tests include a health questionnaire and laboratory analysis of physical samples. Biowatch offers a variety of tests for different purposes and target groups.
First, participants fill out a health questionnaire used by Biowatch’s health advisors for evaluations and recommendations. Participants evaluate their physical and mental health condition and provide facts about their lifestyle.
Tests are activated in a web browser. Upon activation, the test can be attached to an existing user profile or used completely anonymously.

Physical samples

Analysis of biological (physical) samples is a cornerstone of all Biowatch test types. The easy-to-collect samples are handled anonymously and can be collected with the help of a Biowatch advisor or independently at home.
Biowatch uses industry-leading, approved technology for gathering both blood and saliva samples. Tests that include blood samples contain disposable equipment for painless, laboratory quality blood sampling.

Laboratory analysis

Biowatch exclusively works with accredited and EU-approved laboratory partners. Once a saliva or blood sample is completed, it is transported to our laboratory partners in approved packaging.

Feedback and recommendations

Based on the laboratory analysis and questionnaires, Biowatch’s health advisers provide targeted, personalised recommendations. The goal is proactive health advice and optimisation. The advice is delivered directly to individual participants through the Biowatch platform.

All Biowatch’s health advisors are certified and carefully selected. Information about assigned advisors can be shared ahead of signing an agreement.

Individual or guided action

Further health-related actions and initiatives include a variety of options, depending on the agreement with an organisation, team or individual. The test and feedback can be guides for individual health optimisation and reflections. Alternatively, Biowatch High Performance Tribe can assist with optimising your further progression through structured processes. These processes aim to optimise participants’ ability to act based on the new insights through online learning and sessions held directly with Biowatch health advisors.

Please note: If tests indicate critical health-related issues for one or more participants, any agreement between Biowatch and a customer contains detailed guidelines for the subsequent process and assistance to said individuals.

Reporting on organisational levels

Biowatch provides the option of “health benchmarks” for companies and sports clubs: This is a series of data points across participants that indicate the organisation’s overall health development. The benchmarks in no way compromise individual participants’ anonymity or private life.

Through the benchmarks, you gain insights into questions like whether the overall stress level among employees is rising or if health initiatives have the desired effect on areas such as experienced energy levels or employees’ vitamin and mineral balance.

Across the participant group, health data is exclusively shared after being grouped and anonymised to eliminate any risk to individuals’ health data.